Thursday, November 6, 2008


Waiting to start

Mtv award

And the award goes to tom kaulits

Daisy low

Pimp sid

Looking good

I'va got u on camera

How does it feel camera men

Tom on red carpet lol

Wow colourful car

Oh dear katie perry


Tink suporting uk street team

Please welcome tinkerbill

Famous tink on stage

2 random dude

Snuck into the arena wid the fan walkers and got caught

Echo arena



Tink no

My ticket not ur's

Just got mtv award

Me and emma

Are mtv tickets

Even the boys got pink tickets lol

Mtv reporter

Talking to uks

My mtv ball

Promotion yay

Echo stadium x

Tokio hotel uk streat team

Big thanks to uk street team the voters and family x x x