Friday, October 31, 2008


Entertainment for the night


natasha mayger said...

Liz, keep up the good work it looks soo good !!! spread the TH word and have a good time while doing it, you defo look like the best fan walker all the luck for the thing to get to present the award!

xxxxxxxxx Nash said...

I have seen something like that with an apple somewhere :D
nice nice

Mum! said...

LOL, ok, I believe you can juggle now! Miss you. XXX

Anonymous said...

Haha! i bet you can juggle better then Tom! xD

I bit at the end made me laugh!

Good luck! You all look like your having a great time! =)

Anonymous said...

wow u loook sooo much like tom!!!!!!! that is insane.... i was tom for halloween and my friend was bill and i thought i did a good job but nothing compared to u

Nerissa said...

Wow! xD You totally look like Tom! :D

Nice to see someone supporting TH, and people will definitely know who Tom is now! XD

Good Luck! =]